Exciting Web Design Trends You Can’t Hide From in 2019

Every year, we see new web design elements and styles emerging in the markets and gaining popularity.

Some elements when incorporated the right way can help tell your brand stories, whereas other elements help improve how your content looks on any specific device. Even though it’s not necessary to follow every web design trend that comes in the market but many of them have the potential to improve your visitors’ experience.

However, the challenging part is to determine which web design trends are worth considering. To help you narrow your focus, we have listed six important web design trends of 2019 that you can’t ignore anymore.

Unique and large typography:

Many organizations have a specific font or typography that they use to create a unique brand identity that helps their customers differentiate between them and their competitors. In recent years, designers have got access to a larger selection of fonts to pick from, giving them a bigger creative space to create stronger brands that are more accurately expressed through their typography.

Bold colors:

A lot of web design trends for 2019 are about standing out in the crowd and this trend is no exception. Many brands are choosing to use bright and bold color schemes for their websites. Bright colors make your website more memorable and provide a distinctive experience. You can pick colors that strategically draw attention to specific areas of your website that you want people to notice.

More enhanced and elevated image treatments:

Images have always had a special appeal to them, and they have presented a unique design opportunity, particularly on the web. Compressing images in circles, adding a drop shadow behind them, making them black and white, and more, all of these are techniques that designers have been using for quite some time now to enhance or draw attention to the images on their websites. Playing with the images on your website to make them more appealing to the audience is a web design trend that will probably never go out of fashion.


Auto-play videos are quite out of trend, but this doesn’t mean that your website has to be completely static. You can choose to add some movements to your website along with some simple animations.

A growing number of web designs are incorporating animations into the background or images of their web pages. Your animation should draw the eye of your visitors and capture their interest without taking away any focus from the main information on the page that you want them to see. This web design trend adds some personality to your website and makes it a bit more engaging for the audiences.


You must have noticed a lot of business websites now have a little pop up at the bottom right side of the screen, as soon as you land on the website.

Adding a chat window on your website means giving your visitors a chance to chat with a representative and have their questions answered immediately. This helps you improve your user experiences and increase competitive edge.

Testimonials and reviews:

Even though adding testimonials and client reviews is not a new web design trend, but in 2019 you can no longer afford to ignore it. Clients’ reviews and testimonials help create credibility and trust among your audiences, which is why business websites shouldn’t ignore this basic website element.

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