5-Step SEO Plan for Higher Search Rankings in 2019

As digital marketers plan their content marketing strategy for 2019, simultaneously SEO strategy stays on top of their minds as well.

Most marketers have had times when they hardly have time to track the progress, they second guess their SEO strategy and they may read a few blogs on the latest SEO tips, trends, and tricks. As marketers, if you are struggling to get on the first page of Google or you are working tirelessly to stay at the top, then you are not alone.

There are very few businesses who have an easy time to achieve and maintain first page rankings.  If you want to increase leads and get high-quality website visits, we can help with your SEO strategy for higher search rankings for 2019. We will help work out an action plan, help you get to know upcoming trends, take actionable steps and let organic SEO take its course.


  1. First, understand how your customers speak, then speak their language:

First and for most, it’s absolutely necessary that you understand what your customers are asking, how they are asking, what they need and what online medium they use the most. Make sure your website, your content, and your SEO efforts cater to solve their problems and fulfill their needs.

Use the natural language of your customers and translate the products and services in ways that make them easy to understand and follow. Become a resource for the brand and Google will reward you.


  1. Provide insanely useful content:

Content means much more than your blogs. Content covers the articles, videos, webinars, live chats, listings, FAQs, how-to-use guides, and much more. It is important that valuable content is provided across your website and digital channels, where your potential customers hang out.

Come up with new ideas, different content types and answer your customers’ questions. Understand their obstacles and offer solutions. However, make sure that you know the purpose and objective of every piece of content that you share online, to make the most impact.


  1. Give your website a check-up:

For a complete SEO strategy, it is necessary that you check-up your website every now and then. Make sure your page titles, URLs, Meta descriptions, AMP Implementation, H Tags and image tags are in place. These on-page SEO factors definitely affect the individual page’s rank in search engines.

You should also review, update and compare your Meta description with competitors, and check if your page title and description accurately describe the page contents and include keywords.


  1. Get listed!

Company listings on local, national and niche directory websites are one of the important aspects of your SEO strategy for 2019. It helps Google and your potential customers to know where to find you. Consistent, up-to-date, and authoritative citations provide better exposure to your business and improve Google rankings.

Moreover, make sure your Google business profile is complete. Don’t only submit the minimum, but cash all opportunities to promote your business via your Google profile. Remember, Google is looking for details including images, hours of operation, etc.


  1. Track your progress:

Finally, comes the time to evaluate your hard work. Tracking your progress will help understand how well your SEO strategy and marketing tactics are performing. Remember to track your progress with a purpose, not all numbers matter. Create progress metrics or KPIs, based on your particular business goals.

Few examples of important performance metrics can be keyword ranking, keep a track on the premium keywords selected for the business. You can measure the organic search traffic of your business using Google Analytics. Some other important SEO metrics include page visits, backlinks, time spent on website pages, returning users, page load speed score, mobile bounce rate, conversions, blog visits, domain authority and page authority, and social likes and shares.

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