6 Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy for 2019

2018 has flown by, and 2019 is fast approaching our doorsteps.

To stay relevant and effective in the evolving digital landscape, it is important that you update and upgrade your social media strategy to better align with the latest trends. In this blog, we want to give you a simple breakdown and help you prepare for the New Year with the following six steps that can really strengthen your social media strategy and yield better results.


Review your current social media presence:

The first step is to review how your current social media strategy is performing in the field. Take a step back, try to get an outsider’s perspective, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which social media channels are you presently active on?
  • Are you still following your brand goals?
  • Which social media channels are driving the most relevant traffic and conversion for your business?
  • Which social media channels are making the least impact?


It might be hard for you to accept, but it may be time to give up on some channels. It is better to concentrate and invest on channels that are bringing results and try to use their features for better results, as opposed to wasting energy, time and possibly even money on channels that just not working for you.

To find out what channels are working best for you, ask your audience via a survey or via social media posts. Make sure you also check where your competitors are active, pay attention to analytics to find out which channels are giving the best results and also consider which social media channels best align with the type of content you have skills to create.


Optimize your social media channels:

This step to strengthen your social media strategy may seem basic and too simple, but it is surprising to see how often people overlook such details. Make sure you optimize your social media profiles and create an engaging and user-friendly social media bio.

Small things like making sure your profile and cover images are of good quality, clear and up to date, your ‘about us’ sections include the major keywords, and any links you may have in your bio are relevant and working.


Recognize your future goals:

Go through your analytics, which you might already have done for the first step, that’s where you can figure out where you are and be able to set realistic goals for where you want to be by the year’s end.

You don’t have to make this over-complicated, goals can be simple as well, such as from only posting twice a year to posting 4 times a week, or maybe driving more website traffic from social media.

It is important that you set realistic and achievable goals that based on your current business situation and that also push you to put in more efforts.


Set up a content schedule:

A big part of an effective social media strategy is figuring out what should be the core social media schedule and the content that works well for your business. The right social media content schedule will help you maintain the desired consistency of posts and assist in content types, and figure out what works for your audience and what doesn’t.

Content schedule comes in handy when its middle of a month and you are tearing out your hair in frustration deciding what to post.


Don’t forget about video content:

While being active on social media you can ignore the power of video content and it plays a big part in strengthening your social media strategy in 2019.

The coming year, there will be even more emphasis on video content, along with Instagram stories. With increasing competition, it’s getting harder and harder to find your way into follower’s feed, but engaging and relevant videos and Instagram stories give you better chance to be more visible.


Analyze, Rinse and Repeat:

Last but not least, to maintain a strong social media strategy, you will have to keep going back to your analytics. You will want to keep a track on your followers, compare what kind of content has higher reach, impressions and engagement.

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